St. Vincents Primary School

Johnson and Johnson AND St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School are absolutely thrilled to introduce to you the Johnson and Johnson STEM Academy 3D Printing programme with St Vincent’s Convent Primary School.

Johnson & Johnson STEM Academy delivers engineering programmes to primary and secondary schools across Ireland.

 Johnson and Johnson aim to encourage students to explore the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) while also inspiring STEM as a career choice.

St Vincent’s Convent Primary School has been chosen to participate in the virtual STEM 3-D Printing programme. 

Our Fourth class pupils have been offered a chance to learn more about this new technology. Fourth class teachers have received online training from J&J engineers on the delivery of the STEM 3-D Printing programme. The teachers will then use the equipment and bank of recorded lessons that J&J have provided to the school, to teach the children about this subject.

 The STEM team will remain on hand to provide support if it is needed.