St. Vincents Primary School

A Message from the Principal

You are so very welcome to St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School Website. It is impossible to capture the special atmosphere of our school without the soundtrack of daily school-life here which includes children’s voices raised in song, in play, in laughter and in every possible and wonderful way. But it does give you a flavour of our school and I hope a taste for more! I had heard about St. Vincent’s for a very long time before I got here! My mother was a past pupil of the secondary school (as are my two sisters and I). Little did I think as I arrived  to the Secondary School at 12 years of age that life’s pathway would lead me here! But it has, and it is my privilege to be in this position. I have been teaching here in the primary school since 1988 and in that time I have served as a classroom teacher, as a Learning Support/Resource Teacher, as the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator and since September 2014, as Principal.

In their policy statement, the Religious Sisters of Charity, our trustees, state that “the value and worth of each one, rooted in human dignity and justice will find its expression in loving care and concern”. This statement underpins our work here in St. Vincent’s. We view our school as an extension of the child’s home and we work tirelessly to recreate a caring, compassionate and safe environment in which to build on the strong foundations set by the parents and guardians of our pupils. The boys and girls are at the centre of everything we do. And Yes! Absolutely! The world of St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School does revolve around the children, and we are very proud of that! Our highly skilled and experienced staff work diligently to identify and serve the needs of our pupils and build on their particular strengths and interests. We aim to equip our boys and girls with agency and a sense of purpose coupled with the competencies they need to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. We live in a world that is fast paced and ever changing. We strive to navigate our pupils through such uncertainty by developing their curiosity, imagination, resilience and self-regulation. We also recognise that our future adults need to learn how to care for their own wellbeing and the well-being of their families, their friends, their communities and the planet! And no, we do not work alone! We operate in close partnership with the Parents and Guardians of the children, with our local neighbouring schools, and with our communities who have lots to offer to enhance the learning experiences of the children.

So, enjoy perusing our website and if you would like more information then please do get in touch.

Mission Statement of
St.Vincent's Convent
Primary School

We aim to reflect the vision of the foundress of the Sisters of Charity, Mary Aikenhead, in developing  a sense of Christian meaning in the lives of the young people in our care.

We see the school as a centre of learning within the community, where our pupils are given the  opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential in the moral, social, cultural and  intellectual spheres.

This is done in an atmosphere of care and concern for the individual.

Collaboration between management, staff and parents is vital if the children are to realise the  richness of their personalities and gifts, for the betterment of the community in which they live.

Home School Community Liaison Scheme

St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School is part of the Home/School/Community/Liaison Scheme which was initially established  in 1990 by the government. Selected schools with high concentrations of pupils with characteristics that are  associated with educational disadvantage and early school leaving were invited to join the scheme. Currently,  278 primary schools and 188 schools at second level have joined the scheme.

For a full description of the aims and objectives of the Home School Community Liaison Scheme, click here.

The Home School Community Liaison teacher in St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School is Ms. Deirdre O’ Donoghue and can  be reached during school hours at 021-4399896.

Ms. O’ Donoghue’s duties are many and varied. Her primary role is the promotion of partnership with parents in  the children’s learning. She does this through:

  • Organising home visitations to establish bonds of trust with parents and families and supporting parents in the identification of their developmental needs
  • Co-ordinating and facilitating parental involvement in classroom-based schemes such as Kidstalk, Maths for Fun and the Bridging the Gap literacy programmes
  • Inviting parents to take part in gardening initiatives in conjunction with neighbouring schools and community members
  • Liaising with other organisations in the community to promote links with the school and the wider community, including the Lifelong Learning Festival, Cork City Art Link, etc.


Ms. O’ Donoghue supports parents in other aspects of their children’s education as well as their own continuing  education by:

  • providing classes for parents in curricular areas so that they can help children with homework
  • arranging classes in English for non English speaking parents and personal development classes such as crochet, gardening, computers etc
  • Facilitiating the provision of certificate courses for parents through bodies such as FETAC and ECDL.

Parents are always welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat to the Parents Room, which has recently been  relocated to Room 5 on the ground floor. There are seating, toilet and tea and coffee making facilities here.